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Series 2009-1 Notes

Delinquency Percentage: 30+ Days
By Vintage Segment as of 03/31
  As of 03/31 Performance Year
  2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004
2009 Originations 0.00%          
2008 Originations 1.84% 1.62%        
2007 Originations 3.45% 2.35% 0.12%      
2006 Originations 4.86% 3.30% 0.84% 0.06%    
2005 Originations 4.81% 3.63% 2.02% 0.67% 0.03%  
2004 Originations 4.46% 3.70% 2.57% 1.11% 0.07% 0.00%

The delinquency percentage for any vintage segment is calculated by dividing delinquent receivables by total credit card receivables for each vintage segment.

The delinquent receivables are the total receivables which are 30 or more days past due at the end of each performance year.

The static pool information includes data for accounts from (i) the beginning of the year in which the account is added to First National Master Note Trust (FNMNT) if the account was originated in a prior year or (ii) the date of origination of the account if the account is added to FNMNT during the year it was originated. Historical data as presented in prospectuses for FNMNT includes data for accounts from the beginning of the month they are added to FNMNT. Therefore, the historical data presented in FNMNT prospectuses and the static pool data are not directly comparable with respect to this data.

The delinquency percentage for the series 2009-1 notes has been calculated exactly as it was for previous series.