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Directors & Management

First National of Nebraska Directors and Management are second to none. Each member brings a commitment to excellence and a proven track record of success in the financial industry. More importantly, however, each brings an unwavering commitment to customer service. The names may have changed over the years, but the ideals of those leading First National of Nebraska have remained the same: to provide quality products and superior customer service.

Board of Directors:

  • Bruce R. Lauritzen, Chairman
  • Clark D. Lauritzen, President
  • Margaret Lauritzen Dodge
  • Roger A. Fleury
  • George J. Behringer
  • John W. Castle
  • Thomas C. Stokes
  • Bryan E. Slone

Senior Management:

  • Michael A. Summers, Chief Financial Officer
  • Nicholas W. Baxter, Chief Risk Officer & Secretary
  • Timothy D. Hart, Senior Vice President & Treasurer
  • Jeffrey A. Sims, Chief Credit Officer